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Ben Wilcock Quartet extends Whangarei’s chamber music boundaries

August 1 2023

Wilcock’s extreme eclecticism runs from vigorous, sometimes minimalist, free improvisations to rhapsodic solos which will be deeply attractive to the average listener

November 6 2021

London Jazz Times interview

August 3 2021

Wilcock is an engaging pianist and composer. At times his playing brings to mind Thelonious Monk, particularly in the faster bop tracks.

August 27 2021

Concrete Wall

This is an album that rewards repeat listening. Some are slow burners while others are edgy, and in spite of the oblique references to familiar music, this is a forward looking and original album. 

August 27 2021

A Neon Jazz Interview with New Zealand Jazz Band Leader Ben Wilcock

August 1 2023

Throughout there is highly creative  intergalactic listening to be had here..

August 16 2023

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